The Seven Wonders of Southern Asia

Award-winning architect Paul Jansen recently embarked on a 28-day trip around southern Asia in search of the region’s most unique golf courses and landscapes

Royal Selangor GC with impressive backdrop of KL city centre

3rd Wonder - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Royal Selangor GC, in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, perfectly melds the old school charm of the past and modern wonders of new world Malaysia. There are few golf courses on the planet with such an impressive backdrop.

The Carey Island Sports Club highlights that it is possible to build fun, quirky and characterful holes on a small parcel of land. On approximately 40 acres the original nine holes repeatedly criss-cross as golfers are required to negotiate numerous unconventional features like the internal roads, ditches, hedges, fences and some beautiful homesteads.

Stand-alone residences bounding some of the holes at Carey Island


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