Drive for Show

Julian Tutt wraps up another month of European Tour commentating duties with a look back at his travels from Germany to Ireland to France and then Scotland for the Open Championship

Driver: not a particularly interesting word in itself, but one with many different connotations. Equally "driving" has many different uses. They are words that will feature extensively in my peripatetic perambulations of the last month. It all started at the 25th BMW International in Munich, where my hire car was a zippy Audi A3, with a pop-up GPS display worthy of a fighter jet. This was in marked contrast to the under-powered, ill-equipped wheelbarrows that we normally get. It meant that I was able to prolong the motoring experience through beautiful Bavarian villages, and along uncluttered country roads in the certain knowledge that I would eventually arrive at my required destination. It turned out to be a spectacular week, with Ernie Els in top driving form to win (the week after tying for fourth place in the US Open at Merion), the players enjoying driving some seriously meaty BMWs around the local test track, and the plague of mosquitoes, caused by the unseasonably wet weather driving us all nuts.


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