Don't Get Hung Up on Your Unorthodox Swing

The Kilted Caddie took a lesson at the St Andrews Golf Academy and being told not getting too hung up on his unorthodox backswing…

If Jim Furyk had got analytical and hung up about his backswing like all other golfers, he would be probably in a lunatic asylum

I said I’d never do it again but the calamitous state of affairs on a Saturday with my drives off the first tee of the Old Course in the Autumn Prizes Competition have coerced me into book a final golf lesson.

I feel obliged to attempt one last stab at salvation and atone for the battering and bruising of buildings, cars and unsuspecting tourists up the Links that afternoon.

Yes, I have been forced to this ultimatum. These two seismic duck hook shots, which careered out of bounds up Granny Clark’s Wynd (which takes some doing!), intimate that all is not well with my technique. In fact, these shots, although spectacular and impressive in their own right, were downright dangerous. And not just to Granny Clark’s Wynd. They were the canard of all hooks.


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