Cartier – The Home of Exceptional Gifts

Cartier, the luxury jewelry and watchmaker, is known throughout the world for its exquisite attention to detail – no Hollywood starlet could possibly be seen without wearing one of the brand's elegant necklaces or timepieces on Oscar night.

But for over 160 years, Cartier has also been creating a vast array of accoutrements using the same skilled craftsmanship and invention that have made their jewelry and watches so alluring. Indeed, in bygone years, the house was synonymous with the creation of one-of-kind works of art that graced the dressing tables of the aristocracy.

At the ViA Giorgetti showroom in Wan Chai last month, Cartier's latest superlative accessories – including eyewear, handbags, cufflinks and precious object d'art – were unveiled to an adoring public. Displayed here are a selection of favourites from the event.