Linkwood: The Right Call

HK Golfer whisky editor John Bruce writes on the qualities of this fine Speyside malt

In my other life, when not writing this column, I’m employed by a risk consultancy. I have therefore come to understand the importance of making informed choices at pivotal moments and the potential consequences of making the wrong call. For example, if Paris had disdained Greek equine woodwork the Iliad might have had a “director’s cut”.

It was the viewing of another “classic” – Bill Forsyth’s Local Hero – that inspired this pondering on the great “what ifs” of life. The 1983 film, for those of you lucky enough to have a first viewing ahead of you, tells the tale of an attempt by a US company, Knox Oil, to build an oil terminal in Ferness, a tiny coastal village in the northwest of Scotland. The project would make the small population of the village immensely wealthy but would destroy a pristine natural environment. The tale does not need retelling here but a short sequence about 30 minutes into the film provided me with the aforementioned inspiration.


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