The Louis Cartier Collection

Masculine fine leather goods from the legendary house of Cartier

The Louis Cartier collection is named after that Parisian creator of genius, an artistic adventurer who was in touch with the world and its developments, but who also had a dreaming, fantastical and elegant side which paved the way for countless possibilities. A role model? Rather a source of inspiration thanks to his allure and his innate feeling for detail that was always up to date.

Manifestly Elegant

In the world of Cartier men’s accessories, skins and leather are materials that must be experienced, seen and touched. The Cartier signature marks every object it chooses, thus affirming content and form, spirit and material. With Cartier leathers, this signature is present right from the conception of Fine Leather Goods.

Elegant and understated, the bags in the collection of Fine Leather Goods for men celebrate the luxury of connoisseurs, perfect for here or elsewhere, always in search of both distant horizons and refined finishes that create a signature allure. These are objects of style with crisp lines adorned with an infinite number of details.

Fine Leather Goods bear the patina of high standards of quality, crafted from excellent skins that are raw-edged and hot-threaded. The same standards also apply to comfort, with dimensions designed for living – to the point that they are almost forgotten. Always at the forefront is elegance – that of finishes so well traced that they are almost motifs.


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