Ariel Adams takes a close look at MB&F's Horological Machine No. 4 “Thunderbolt”, one of the most visually stunning watches in existence

 Is it a plane? Gadget from the future (or past)? Or perhaps a watch? According to MB&F, the new Thunderbolt, along with the rest of MB&F’s products are ‘none of the above.’ In fact, if you ask MB&F founder Max Busser, he doesn’t even claim that his brand really makes “watches.” Although his various luxury instruments do tell the time (among other things), he considers them each to be celebrations of the “machine", designed as works of art, imbued with his collective passion for mechanical devices and the items which have influenced his creativity over the course of his life. A bold claim, but one that has obviously resounded well with his clients. For the fourth major time, MB&F has wowed its legion of timepiece lifestyle-loving fans with a brand new Horological Machine.


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