Drumming to its Own Beat

BALL Watch Company’s SpringLOCK design is the world’s first revolutionary anti-shock system. Just ask Eric Singer, drummer of the band KISS

In 2013, BALL introduced its patented SpringLOCK System

Since 1891, BALL Watch Company has been producing timepieces with the most stringent criteria for precisions, quality and reliability. In 2013, BALL introduced its patented SpringLOCK System, the world’s first revolutionary anti-shock system that enhances watch accuracy by reducing the balance-spring shock impact by 66%.

Philippe Antille, Chief Technology Officer at BALL Watch, would often use as an example the environmental effects a watch might endure while around the wrist of a drummer to illustrate the purpose of such a system. Antille found the perfect tester for his new anti-shock system: Eric Singer, drummer of the band KISS. Singer welcomed easily the idea of wearing a BALL watch while drumming at a few concerts. Previous to this challenge, he already had two BALL watches of his own and is a member of the “Friends of BALL”.

On 18 June, 2013, Eric Singer wore the first prototype on stage in Milan, while Antille monitored the results. The outcome was even better than expected, as the watch only had a difference of a few seconds after being “mistreated” during the whole first set of the concert. After asking KISS’s drummer how hard he was hitting the sticks, he explained “It’s wood on steel. It may sound like a contradiction, but I try and be relaxed, but also as forceful as possible. If I tried to drum the way I do onstage now, without the adrenaline, it would hurt too much and I couldn’t do it. Aside from the fact that [a watch] doesn’t really go with my costume, I was always afraid that I’d destroy a movement if I wore it on stage”.


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