Cartier's High Jewellery exhibition

April 7-11 sees the showcasing of Cartier’s High Jewellery exhibition at the maison’s boutique in Central

Cartier is once again showcasing its high jewellery collections in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. This exhibition of High Jewellery offers an exceptional opportunity to experience the passion behind each of the Maison’s magnificent creations, its legendary heritage, astonishing creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship. The exhibition will be held at the Cartier Boutique at Landmark Prince’s, Central, from April 7-11.

Legends for the Present Day

Among the most desirable of gems is the pearl. A legend for today is the Royal Pearl Tiara, a transformable creation. At its centre, in its original setting adorned with diamonds, is the drop-shaped 166.18-grain (8.3g) Royal Pearl, owned by Queen Mary, wife of George V of England in the late 19th century. The pearl headpiece and its entourage of diamonds can unfold to entwine the neck; alternatively the natural pearl can be detached from the necklace/tiara and be worn as a pendant.

Symbolizing the exemplary craftsmanship of the House of Cartier is the Reine Makeda necklace, its intricate ‘draperie’ finished with a commanding front-set ruby of 15.29 carats. The alluring glow of this gem is intensified by the clear white light of two diamonds of more than three carats each. The hours of work required by a single expert jeweller to create the diamond latticework instils the piece with a true personality. True to the tradition of transformable jewels dear to Cartier, the necklace can be worn with or without its inner ruby choker.

There are no boundaries to Cartier’s creativity when it comes to diamonds and precious stones. The Pur Absolu necklace, openwork lattice of diamonds illuminated with a natural pearl, can lend its 30.21-carat D IF pear-shaped diamond to become the centre piece of a chiseled ring. This superlative jewel is the result of more than one thousand hours of meticulous craftsmanship.

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