Doug Did It Again

Yes, he did it again! Douglas Williams claimed his fifth Seniors Close Amateur title at the Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club

"Wins are never easy," Williams said

HONG KONG, 24 May 2017, (HK Golfer News Wire) - The American-born Williams defended his title by a huge margin of 12 shots over William Chung. Williams’ three-round total of 205 speaks for his dominance of local senior golf scene.

The defending champion started the final round with a 9-shot cushion over Antony Happell and Joseph Pethes, both tied at second after two rounds. But Chung, the former HKGA president, climbed back to second place with a closing one-under par 69. Chung, Williams (67) and Philip Woolcott-Brown (69) were the only 3 players carded under-par in the final round.

“I’m 59 now. I won the first time when I turned 55. So, it’s fifth time in a row. I came here this week playing well and putting well. I made 17 GIRs today but to be honest, I wasn’t really making any putt. I was putting well but it’s not really going in. Anyway, my game was really solid. Somebody shot 69 in the first round and I wasn’t leading - I was kind of happy! I told myself I could just play well to win this thing. That’s the vibe you need to have. I’ve got to play my best to win. But wins are never easy. You’ve got to manage yourself and it’s easy to make mistake.”


Leading final scores:

205 – Douglas Williams 71 67 67; 217 – William Chung 75 73 69; 218 – Anthony Taylor 72 76 70; 220 – Antony Happell 74 73 73; 221 – Joseph Pethes 73 74 74; 223 – Philip Woolcott-Brown 78 76 69; 227 – John Ball 76 76 75, Kui Hing Wo 69 83 75; 228 – Chan Yuen Kow 76 76 76.