Wine and Mooncakes

Whether you love the dense Mid Autumn Festival desserts or dread the idea of the brightly coloured boxes landing on your desk/dining table, the new way to eat mooncakes is with a hearty swig of wine

Berry Bros & Rudd

Champagne always goes down a treat with any mooncake; the acidity cuts through the heaviness but a hint of berry sweetness saves it from tasting bitter. BBR has come up with a bubbly selection from Thiénot – champagne to the Oscars and an all-round crowd-pleasing fizz – which includes a NV Brut, Rose and vintage Blanc de Noirs (made from 100 per cent Pinot Noir).


From one of the greatest estates in Pomerol and with only 1,000 cases produced a year Fine + Rare’s offering of 2000 Lafleur is a once in a blue moon opportunity. One of only a handful of wines to be rated 100 points by both Robert Parker and Neal Martin, the 2000 vintage is the first in the Lafleur stable to be scored in this way since 1982, which per case comes at a rather eye-watering HK$207,358. Offered on a six-bottle case basis, the 2000 vintage (HK$78,554) is described by the great RP as “An utterly awesome wine … If you can find it, it is an extraordinary wine, and as expensive as it was a decade ago, it will look cheap compared to prices for more recent vintages.”


An organic family owned estate in the Santa Maria Valley in Santa Barbara County, Ca’ del Grevino is offered with an array of Kowloon Shangri-La mooncakes that are paired with Grevino’s two Rieslings and Chardonnay. Grevino is also available in Pinot Noir, Grenache, Dolcetto and Syrah in sampler and party-size packages.

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