A Bittersweet Christmas Treat

Having trouble finding Christmas gifts? How about a limited-edition whisky and chocolate appreciation gift?

A private dinner was hosted at The Peninsula Hotel’s Garden Suite

Fleur de Sel – Discover the beauty of Scottish islands. Give in to this alluring chocolate, oozing with salted caramel ganache, and uncover the salty, peaty flavours unique to Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Embracing the spirit of the nation, it unlocks marvellously fiery waves of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.                                           

The Peninsula – Finish your flavour exploration with the epitome of luxury. This masterpiece is filled with dark chocolate ganache infused with Madagascan vanilla, emphasising rich, warm tones of wood and drawing out notes of citrus and blackcurrant, prolonging the sandalwood finish of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.


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