A Bittersweet Christmas Treat

Having trouble finding Christmas gifts? How about a limited-edition whisky and chocolate appreciation gift?

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label chocolate discovery gift set is available now at The Peninsula Boutique and selected specialised retail stores and is priced from HK$ 2,180

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the leading luxury blended Scotch whisky has partnered with one of the world’s finest luxury hotels, The Peninsula Hong Kong, to create a limited-edition gift set, which includes a bottle of 75 cl Johnnie Walker Blue Label that has been perfectly paired with The Peninsula’s award-winning, handmade artisanal chocolates.

A perfect serve of Johnnie Walker Blue Label unlocks six taste sensations – fruity, fresh, malty, spice, woody and peaty. The chocolates have been curated by The Peninsula Hong Kong’s Executive Pastry Chef, Frank Haasnoot, to complement this journey of discovery. A total of eight freshly made, artisanal chocolates from four flavours encourages an extraordinary sharing moment between friends. Each limited-edition gift set includes tasting notes for guided tasting so that the recipient can truly enjoy the rarity this gourmet gift set presents:


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