New Year, New Gear

12 must-haves for the season ahead

Titleist’s 913 D3

There are two new drivers in Titleist’s 913 series, the 460cc D2 and a 445cc D3. Aside from clubhead volume, what’s the difference between the two? The D2 boasts a full pear-shaped head, is more forgiving and has a slight draw bias. (Perfect for those of you who tend to slice the ball.) The D3, on the other hand, is a traditional pear-shaped head that’s more workable with no draw bias. (Perfect for those of you who are itching to go head-to-head with Rory McIlroy.) Both measure 45 inches and feature the company’s nifty SureFit Technology, which allows users to change the loft and lie independent of one another.

Suggested retail for both is HK$5,400.


Cleveland’s 588 RTX Cleveland's new 588 RTX wedges have grooves that are 16 per cent larger than previous designs. That makes it easy to maximize spin on shots that originate from wet, thick or sandy lies. Another fine feature is a laser-cut face texture which helps generate friction at impact, and hence, spin from any lie. Better yet, they’re designed with added forgiveness which makes them both a shotmaker’s wedge and a game-improvement wedge. Translation? No matter what your skill level, you’ll benefit by putting one in your bag. Look for a directionally milled face pattern that adds roughness and imparts spin on open-face wedge shots. Available in Satin Chrome or Black Pearl finish.



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