Kapur's Great Comeback Story

India’s Shiv Kapur may not quite be the Roger Federer of golf but the 35-year-old certainly celebrated a great comeback story

35-year-old Shiv Kapur

Losing form or confidence is all part and parcel of sports as many will attest. In our generation, the greatest tennis player of all time, Roger Federer, recently endured and overcame his inner demons with such grace and grit that it served only to further illuminate his illustrious and trophy-laden career.

Every now and then, we are privileged and fortunate to witness great comeback stories in sports. Watching an athlete overcome adversity through determination, guts, skill and perseverance is often a thrill for those who follow sports and serves also as an inspiration to others who aspire to excel in the game.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many of us are rooting for Tiger Woods, who was once the all mighty golfer who swept all before him but is now struggling to tee up following yet another surgery to ease pain in his now fragile back.


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