The Dominance Continues

With the launch of the 2013 version of the wildly successful Pro V1 and Pro V1x, Titleist's stranglehold on the premium ball market shows no sign of slowing

Titleist Pro V1

As we've come to expect from Titleist the latest versions of the Pro V1 and V1x, which have been on sale in Hong Kong since the beginning of March, have a number of key upgrades that separates it from previous generations – including a softer compression core and more durable cover.

The three-piece Pro V1 is being touted as the company's softest version ever made, thanks in large part to a softer compression core.

By decreasing the core compression slightly, the company was able to produce a ball that's not only soft but spins less and has a lower, more controlled ball flight off of long irons than the previous version.

"That softer compression also makes this the best-feeling Pro V1 yet and gives golfers an even greater sense of control with shots into and around the green," said Bill Morgan, Titleist's senior vice president of golf ball research and development, at the ball's official China launch at Genzon Golf Club in Shenzhen.

While Titleist decided to keep the same 352-dimple pattern as the 2011 model, the company significantly upgraded the Urethane Elastomer cover formulation and paint system in an effort to improve the Pro V1's durability. The new paint system also allows the ball to stay whiter and brighter for longer periods of time.

Titleist’s Bill Morgan and Mack Kao"We’ve made an improvement to the formulation of the urethane cover that retains its out-of-the- box appearance longer, and introduced a new paint system with exceptional adhesion to the cover," continued the highly likeable Morgan, who has been instrumental in the Pro V1's success since its original launch back in 2000. "These two technologies combine to create a far more durable golf ball while still maintaining all of Pro V1’s outstanding scoring performance and the feel that golfers love."

The Pro V1x remains a four-piece ball with an inner and outer core. Like the Pro V1, Titleist also upgraded the Urethane Elastomer cover formulation and paint system in an effort to improve the ball's durability.

Unlike the Pro V1, the two cores of the Pro V1x allow the ball to perform differently off long and short irons. While the ball maintains low driver spin for increased distance, players wanted to see the next version of the Pro V1x spin slightly more on long iron shots.

By tweaking the ZG process core technology, Titleist was able to produce a ball that had increased spin on long iron shots and more spin on short iron shots. The ball also has a more penetrating ball flight thanks in large part to the new cover formulation and better paint coverage.

"Player feedback on the distance and flight of the new Pro V1x has been extremely positive," explained Morgan. "These players like that Pro V1x flies higher than a Pro V1 golf ball, yet they notice and appreciate that its new flight is in their preferred launch window. We’ve also been receiving overwhelming response to the improved durability, as golfers can’t wait to show us their golf ball after a few rounds of play."

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