Combining Talents

Alex Jenkins talks to Sunny Kang, the lady captain at Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club and a world-renowned clarinetist.

While Sunny has no personal ambitions of a return to music full-time, she has been using her talents as a way of raising funds and awareness for charitable concerns, something that is also at the centre of her captaincy goals. On the back of the success of Embrace, Sunny has held private concerts with the money raised going to a number of different causes.

In her role as captain, Sunny will be involved with at least two charities that she holds in particularly high regard. The first – Box of Hope ( – is an annual project aimed at providing gifts to underprivileged children at Christmastime, while she will be actively working with Mother's Choice ( in the hosting of the charity's golf event at Clearwater Bay on October 12. The event open to all golfers.

"To be honest I never really saw my future in music because I could never meet my own expectations," says Sunny. "I've since learned that you can never achieve perfection in music, which is exactly the same with golf. But I take a great deal of satisfaction in the knowledge that I'm giving back and contributing [to charity] through my performances. That is very fulfilling."

Embrace by Seunghee Lee is produced by Summit Records and is available at HMV and at a number of online music stores. Personally autographed CDs can be ordered through Sunny's own website,