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Insight Sports, a Hong Kong-based technology company, is leading the way in the golf training aid sector with its state-of-the-art iTrainer swing analysers

The Opposition: Rival Swing Analysers on the Market

 3 Bays GSA Pro

Hong Kong-based 3 Bays GSA Pro (HK$1,550) markets itself as the “world’s lightest golf swing analyser” and, as it tips the scales at a mere nine grams, it’s hard to argue with their claim. The one-by-one inch sensor is small enough to fit into the butt end of your club’s grip and uses a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to transmit (via Bluetooth) swing data to a mobile phone app. Once there, users see an animated version of their swing and can access key data points like clubhead speed, ball speed, tempo, swing path, carry distance and clubface angle. For golfers who like to track their consistency, the device makes it easy to store swing history. Another nifty feature is that you can share your swing info on Facebook. (Like!) Designed for both iOS and Android phones. Look for a separate putting model too.  

What looks like a travel size computer mouse is really the lightweight golf swing analyser GolfSense (HK$1,000). The small sensor, which weighs 17 grams and clips onto your golf glove, boasts a gyroscope, compass and two accelerometers that capture your swing data. After sent via Bluetooth to a mobile device, users can see their swing in animated 3-D. Other data includes tempo, clubhead speed, shot distance and hip rotation. Extra features include the ability to track swing history and add notes. Into social networking? Compare and share your swings on Twitter, Facebook and email.

The lightweight golf swing analyser GolfSense


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