Fairmont Fairways: Kenya

Where The “Game of Kings” meets the “Kings of Game”

The clubhouse of Muthaiga Golf Club


After an entertaining ride through the bustle of the city coming from the airport, entering Fairmont The Norfolk was like putting on noise cancelling headphones on a long flight!

Dating back to 1904, it’s hard to convey the serenity of this oasis, set in 4 acres of gardens. Instant relaxation. Fairmont correctly sees The Norfolk as the centre for a trip around Kenya, a “home base” as it were. Starting and ending a tour with a night or two here makes perfect sense. An ideal trip would entail arriving with everything you need and play a couple of rounds in Nairobi. Then travel on by small local aircraft with a sub-set of your luggage to Mount Kenya and the Maasai Mara, then return to your “base” where another round plus visits to local attractions awaits.