Aston Martin One-77: Automotive Art

Ben Oliver checks out the ultra-exclusive One-77, probably the greatest Aston Martin that will ever be made

The One-77’s layout was inspired by the wild German DTM race cars. Only a tiny handful of other road cars have been given expensive, complex ‘inboard’ suspension like this, but it should make the handling sensational. Never before used on a road car, the dampers can be configured electronically to produce a ride and handling balance that suits each customer. Each car will be set up personally during a consultation and test drive with Aston racer and chief engineer Chris Porritt.

British designer Marek Reichman’s sensational styling has already won awards; you’ll never want to cover it up, but the One-77 comes with a car cover from Savile Row tailor Henry Poole just to keep the dust off. At just 4.5 metres long, the One-77 is much shorter than Aston’s DB9 and DBS, but at just 1.2m tall and a huge 2 metres across it’s far wider and lower than a standard car. It keeps Aston’s trademark ‘swan-wing’ doors, which open up and out to reveal a cockpit which can be trimmed anyway the ‘patron’ wants it, though nobody will want to conceal the stunning stretch of naked carbon fibre chassis that bursts into the cabin; a very visible reminder of the One-77’s race car inspiration.


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