Yannick Artigolle Sets His Sights High

17-year-old Yannick Artigolle earns the dream ticket to play in the UBS Hong Kong Open. He talks about his maturation as one of the HK top amateur.

2016 has been a tremendous year for Yannick Artigolle

How special is it for you to be invited to the UBS HK Open?

When I heard that I was invited to the HK Open I was beyond excited. I was thinking back to when I played in the HK Open qualifier but failed to make it. I didn't know that the winner of Open Amateur was going to the HK Open, which added a sense of extra sweetness to the victory.

Are you confident in making the cut?

I can't say that I will definitely make the cut but I believe that I am fully capable of doing so. If I do make the cut, I'll be over the moon.

Who will carry your golf bag at the HK Open?

I think HKGA will organise a caddy for me from Fanling. I think I'm getting a red caddy which I assume means one of the best there.


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