HKGA Organises TrackMan Training Course

The Hong Kong Golf Association orgranised TrackMan training classes for coaches at the Hong Kong Sports Institute and Whitehead Club Golf Driving Range in late March

HKGA continues to strengthen the collaboration with HKPGA as coaches from both associations have attended the training classes. ­­Graduates from future HKGA coaching classes can teach in both HKGA and HKPGA programmes.

The attended coaches were receptive towards this new technology. “This new development of technology offers great help on coaching. We now have objective data to help the students to understand their golf swings. The students are obviously very interested in understanding the data, which makes teaching and learning more dynamic. And the data from TrackMan also becomes a basis for us to communicate better with the students’, HKPGA coach Betty Ng said. Robert Tou, HKPGA coach also stated, “This is a great technology to let students know exactly what is going on with their golf swing. But it would be quite a challenge to help students to improve their swing through the data. Honestly, it also takes time for me to fully understand the technology.”

Operating in 12 countries and sold in more than 40, TrackMan's technology is a staple of golf broadcasts on every major network. Over 150 PGA Tour players rely on it to fine-tune their game, and countless more teaching professionals are finding it to be a game-changer for their lessons.

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