A Greener Journey

New Kau Sai Chau Catamarans

Compared to other courses, travelling to the Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course has always been an experience – the 54-hole facility is one of the few world-class venues that you can't drive to. But now that experience has been given a technological and environmental upgrade with the launch of a fleet of four solar-hybrid catamarans to replace the previous diesel-powered ferries. The catamarans, which were developed by Australian technology company Solar Sailor and are infinitely quieter and more comfortable than their predecessors, are part of the Jockey Club's pioneering environmental commitment. Last summer, the Club installed solar panels to all of its 205 golf carts, making it the first golf course in the world to do so. "Apart from energy saving, this makes the ocean cleaner, as well as creating fresher air in Hong Kong," said Brian Stevenson, Deputy Chairman of the Jockey Club. "We hope we can raise awareness for environmental protection and encourage more people to participate in it." The catamarans, each of which has a passenger capacity of 100 and a crew of three, are expected to achieve a 50% reduction in fuel usage, which will translate to an approximate annual cost saving of HK$2.5 million.