Golf Specific Strength and Conditioning Intervention

Louie Chan talks to James Honey, the Lead S&C Coach for HKGA, about the benefit of Strength and Conditioning Training on the National Team, Elite Junior and even amateur golfers 

HKGA Junior team golfers (left to right): Back; Alex Zhuo, Maurice Leung, Andrea Au, James Honey (Lead S&C Coach), Zesen Hu; Front; Julius Yang, Ka Jun Yu, Lincoln Lau

Louie Chan: What is Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Training?

James Honey: A Strength and Conditioning Coach is an individual who works with athletes with two goals in mind:

1. Athletic development for sports performance, and

2. Reduction of injury risk during training and competition.

Strength and Conditioning as a profession is a scientific pursuit of optimal human performance, combined with interpersonal coaching skills to elicit the desired result in the athlete or client. By definition, today’s scientific approach to performance will assist every type of athlete and individual looking to improve, by using objective markers of screening and testing to ensure optimal development. Strength and Conditioning is, therefore, an essential component of every athletic development and sports performance programme, and can also apply to any individual with a health and fitness related goal in mind!


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