Fan and Kwan Crowned Albert Lai Champs

Jason Fan and Jasmine Kwan were crowned winners of the 2018 Albert KW Lai Junior Tournament at the Hong Kong Golf Club in another busy month for amateur golf in Hong Kong

Jasmine Kwan and Derik Leung, Men’s and Ladies Gross division winner at the HKGA July Stableford tournament

Albert K W Lai Junior Tournament: 

Overall Boy’s: 32 – Jason Fan, Arnold Lee Jr., Kim Joon Ho; 31 – Chan Hok Him; 27 – Cheung Tsun Yip, Maurice Leung, Lincoln Lau. Overall Girl’s: 30 – Jasmine Kwan; 23 – Chloris Li, Jolie Wong; 21 – Eunice Chan; 20 – Phoebe Leung, Colette Szeto. 

HKGA July Stableford: 

Men’s Gross: 30 – Derik Leung; 29 – Jonathan Brock, Jonathan Lee. Ladies Gross: 34 – Jasmine Kwan; 33 – Stephanie Wong; 29 – Cathy Cheung. Men’s Nett: 47 – Vincent Lau; 41 – Wu Ngai Kong; 40 – Tso Hon Ming, John Yiu. Ladies’ Nett: 41 – Leong Kuo Wa; 40 – Florence Wong, Evang Wong, Jasmine Kwan, Cathy Cheung, Wong Kit Man.

Jasmine Kwan completed her July double


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